Sunday, April 02, 2006

before da cherry blossom

Good evening. It's the first day of April, which means the start of an new year for all business and schools in my home country Japan. Also it is time for Hanami (celebrating cherry blossom party). People there are clebrating the cherry blossom everywhere, means alot of los borrachos (madly drunken people) are eveywhere in public. Hanami season is very fun time of a year.

These days ive been taking photos alot, means I hang out outside. It is so nice to feel the change of a seson. Here in brooklyn too, some street trees already started to open and it is simply muy nice. At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, there will be the US version of Hanami parties and Im looking forward to enjoying it with my friends and schoolmates. Yeah, outside, sunshine, good foods and alchol, friends, and cherry blossom... so good to be alive.

The photograh pasted right here is a reflection of a tree on a surface of a goldfish pool. This tree too gonna have green leaves soon... and the fish continue to swim around.

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