Saturday, May 23, 2009

Party Hard Tuesday

5/26/2009, Tue.

-SP Guest Dancer-

Docta Bird fr. Jamaica

Raw Quality
Power Players
Racy Bullet

Rrenna fr. 中野Pussy Cat
Yuzu fr. 中野Pussy Cat
Nami fr. らばらば BoomBoom


6/2/2009, Tue.

-SP Guest Sound-
DJ Kenny fr. Jamaica

Nari In Kingston
Racy Bullet

Rudy-E fr. 努
Mai fr. 努

Monday, May 11, 2009

After GW Tokyo

"No Worries! Every Single Tuesday!"

Party Hard Tuesday
-MIcky Rich Birthday Bash-

May 12th, 2009, Tue.
@ Amrax
open: 24:00

Bashment Squad fr. Mad Dawg Int'l & Baddy 45
Both Wings
Big Blaze Wilders
Racy Bullet

Mad Rocks

A Glass of Champagne for Eveyone B4 1am!

Here We Go Again!!

Doing It For The

May 15th @ Las Chicas (B1 Tokyo Salon)
Omote Sando

open: 21:00

Come Through!

Makuhari Bayside Reggae Bash

Sound Gate 2009

5/16/2009, Sat.
@ Makuhari Bayside, Chiba
open: 12:00

For More Information Click Here


5/16/2009, Sat.

@ Sense, Hamamatsu
open: 22:00

-Show Case-

Ene Deal League

Micky Rich, Ken-U, Domino-Kat





Revolution Gang


Racy Bullet

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dancehall Dancehall Golden Week Climax

Tokyo Playerz & Hot Galz Party

"Kachi Kachi Friday"

-1st Anniversary-

@ Axxcis

5/4/2009, Mon. (Children's Day Eve)

"No Worries! Every Single Tuesday!"

Party Hard Tuesday

-G.W. Special-

5/5/2009, Tue. (National Holiday Eve)

@ Amrax

Master Piece Sound
Racy Bullet

I-Van Squad
Helty Baddy Girlz

Bright Horse
Ryoma fr. Taxi Hi-Fi

¥1,000, you enter n exit with Club Axxcis freely!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

rip BJ To Bring Tokyo Midground Together

Ever Burning! Ever Dancing!

All the Dancehall lovers dem
All the dancers dem
All the bouncing Dee Jays dem

Japan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominocan, St. Vincent,
Grenada, Trinidad'n Tobago, Barbados, UK, US,
Canada, Ghana, Korea, China, Thailand, Phillipines,
France, Germany, Italia, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Cuba,
Spain, Latovia, Lithania, India, Costa Rica, Peru,
Ecuador, Panama, Brasil, Singapore,
you name your contry

No Matter Where You Come From

Come PHT 'n buss the floor!!

Burning Jari Memorial

@ Amrax, Shibuya, Tokyo

5/19/2009. Tuesday

open: 24:00

dress code: black'n white

door: 2,000 yen w/1d
w/f: 1,500 yen w/1d