Sunday, March 05, 2006

Senior Thesis

By the end of April, my school friends and I have to submit a written product called Senior Thesis. The most of my schoolmates are taking all the provided seminars. I was actually taking them but dropped all after a couple of weeks of attendance, so I am on my own. Being on my own means that I have to provide myself own courses for this very last semester. To be honest, I am pressured to make this photograph project as my last work of my university education.

I know what I need: a little bit of courage. I guess that's all I need. I realised that things are amazingly profound. I know I am lazy sometimes, it's ok. But laziness doesn't courage me. And I don't feel laziness when I am confident. Being confident is comfortable. I like it.

I have said that my project coming fluid. And some people take me seriously. Step by step, little by little, poco a poco... the courage.


aaron said...

You can do it Nochi! What is the topic of your thesis?

nochimotoharu said...

aaron, the title for my last product in FWP is called "A Stroll through Brooklyn). It is a Photogrph project and is very personal. And I think the word "thesis" is too exaggerated for me. No exageration, no emotional attachement. Just relax.