Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Please be informed that my photographs will be on exhibition. This is my first exhibition ever in my life. And I was told that this is a big deal, so I started to have that mentality, just get ready.

Opening Reception: May 3rd, 2006, Wednesday, 5-7pm, at Salena Gallery
Adress: 1 University Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Please come echeck out my photographs as well as enjoy other art mejor students' works.


elcdplayer said...


hey man, muchos congrats por esa exposition que parece ser un big deal... espero que everything goes super bien para you.

por que no posteas unas pictures de las de tu expo...

b cool!

salu2 desde cuernavacha...


nochimotoharu said...

oye beto-, que onda. si, era un big deal. pero... ya no es mas esa simple.
y ahora nesecito saber mas personales and sus estillos. i am now actually an apprentice to this fine art photographer. gambaru.