Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Da Capitalistic Saints

Bueno, aqui estoy ya en Brooklyn, Nueva York. No more Pura Vida, nomore "que buena onda", no more latinamerica vibes. I am staying in Brooklyn where lots of hip hoperos are hanging out. There are all kinds of humans (not many elders, alot of youths) walking around this area. This place seems like the capital of bling bling...

Ok... last night, I went to da Manhattan island to see one of bling bling cultural ceremonies. Da location was somewhere around 42nd St. in the middle of da concrete jungle. This calitalistic saint named Busta Rhymes was giving his cultural ceremony to da members of this calitalistic bling bling community. And I wanted to see and feel the scene. But, you know what, we could not even get in the line...

It was around 10-11pm... we assumed it was still early. But when we got there, a road infront of this club was closed by one of those bling bling SUV (que wow... da power of a capitalistic saint closed a public road, is it that easy in Manhattan, as long as you take g$$d care about it?) . So we walked around to the other side of the road. There, what came our eyes is lines and lines of humans waiting to see thig saint. I think it was somewhere between a couple hundreds to a few hundreds of people standing outside hoping to experience Busta Rhymes offerings.

I checked out those people. Interesting, da majority of these people were black people. I saw only a couple of Asians' groups, and a bit of seemingly so-called Hispanics. All these people were wearing da winter version of da traditional bling bling clothes (da style progresses as we age). After staying there for a while, we figured that we would not make it inside da club. So we left there.

It was pity that we couldn't get in, nos falta de preparacion. But it was really interesting to see how much cultural influence this capitalistic saint holds. I could feel this saint gets lots of respect from bling bling community around here NYC. A balance of demands and needs. It's a lovely phenomenan of global culture.

Monday, December 19, 2005

un foto de mexico

This photo was taken by my field advisor Kornelio. He lives in a straw bale house in a mountain outside of Mexico City. He shared with me lots of knowledge about straw bale costruction, and he gave me a chance to experience whats like to build a wall with mud by bare hands. You know what... mixing mud, putting it onto the wall... so much fun. And my hands felt soooo.... somewhere between gooood and high... almost like massaging human's body.