Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's All Good

In NYC, sometimes it is worth and interesting to stop walking and head up to see what's above you. There are plenty of campaigns. Commercial, political, religious, all sort. The other day I was walking on a street in Midtown Manhattan, and I saw this. What this view of the photograph represents can be neither good nor bad, not even ironic or nothing skeptical... It is just, in my eyes, a well done visual presentation of complicated and intertwinned relationships of... inside head of humans... Tradition and liberation therefore intention and expression, identity and religion therefore belonging and security, power and moral therefore money and influence, anxiety and ease therefore depression and contentment... and so on and on... that anything what one may wants to relate to.

So, it's all good. Good for those follow the style. Good for those criticize them. Good for those indifferent. Good for those fight, for and against. Do what you want.
It's all good.