Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Last Attempt as a Student

"Bienvenido al Mundo Real"... This would come true in this coming May. This means that I am finishing long dang schooling years I have enjoyed without wholly worrying about feeding myself. It is time to finish spoiling myself and start treating myself straight and realistically.

So, my very last semester in school, we the students are expected to provide a quality paper called "thesis" by the end of this coming April. What is the thesis anyway? I explain it... the thesis is another form of saying "prove your ego that is cool and 'right', so that other egotistic intellects can acknowledge you as an educated". So, what is my ego then?
My ego is still unclear in academia. But I know that my ego is desire: to want to be heard, seen, and loved. Even this blog is my ego. I write things away assuming and hoping that there are some ones out there checking me on. But wait, how am I going to present my ego as a thesis though?

Photographing some scenes in Brooklyn, continuing my previous studies of Global Youth Culture and Trends... sounds very serious and challenging. But I have to stand up for myself, telling myself that I can be good at what I do. It is this much foundamental, no.

Wish me good luck, matane-.


aaron said...
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aaron said...

Nochi, you can also see the thesis as an opportunity, not to prove your academic worth or "cool ego", but rather to share with the world a message of truth. Any academic inquiry can be presented in such a way as to express truths about the nature of reality and to share insights you have gleaned from your studies and experiences for the benefit of all. When approached this way, writing a thesis can be an act of giving, an act of compassion, and an act of worship. Use the ego as a tool to spread the truth.

Good luck with everything! Graduation is near.

nochimotoharu said...

aaron, i appreciate your patience. actually i knew the way i wrote this wasnt really positive. i kinda made it ironic... sine i was enjoying the way the capstone seminars were carried, and i felt like none of students voice and our incredible creativity werent heardand cared. but then that is very much showing the public my inmatureness... ashamed, no.
thanks for your advice, ganbarimasu.

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