Friday, May 01, 2009

rip BJ To Bring Tokyo Midground Together

Ever Burning! Ever Dancing!

All the Dancehall lovers dem
All the dancers dem
All the bouncing Dee Jays dem

Japan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominocan, St. Vincent,
Grenada, Trinidad'n Tobago, Barbados, UK, US,
Canada, Ghana, Korea, China, Thailand, Phillipines,
France, Germany, Italia, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Cuba,
Spain, Latovia, Lithania, India, Costa Rica, Peru,
Ecuador, Panama, Brasil, Singapore,
you name your contry

No Matter Where You Come From

Come PHT 'n buss the floor!!

Burning Jari Memorial

@ Amrax, Shibuya, Tokyo

5/19/2009. Tuesday

open: 24:00

dress code: black'n white

door: 2,000 yen w/1d
w/f: 1,500 yen w/1d

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