Monday, May 11, 2009

After GW Tokyo

"No Worries! Every Single Tuesday!"

Party Hard Tuesday
-MIcky Rich Birthday Bash-

May 12th, 2009, Tue.
@ Amrax
open: 24:00

Bashment Squad fr. Mad Dawg Int'l & Baddy 45
Both Wings
Big Blaze Wilders
Racy Bullet

Mad Rocks

A Glass of Champagne for Eveyone B4 1am!

Here We Go Again!!

Doing It For The

May 15th @ Las Chicas (B1 Tokyo Salon)
Omote Sando

open: 21:00

Come Through!

Makuhari Bayside Reggae Bash

Sound Gate 2009

5/16/2009, Sat.
@ Makuhari Bayside, Chiba
open: 12:00

For More Information Click Here


5/16/2009, Sat.

@ Sense, Hamamatsu
open: 22:00

-Show Case-

Ene Deal League

Micky Rich, Ken-U, Domino-Kat





Revolution Gang


Racy Bullet

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