Friday, November 18, 2005

spirit driven body

For those who believe in intangible things in life and go for your own personal exploration, the modern world we live in is a very dynamic place to achieve your tasks in this life. I've been witnessing lots of pieces of evolution, in people, in music, in academia, in global environment, in anything... as such physical existence is temporaly. So many things in the world are rapidly changing, it is so exciting.

There are a couple things that are tangible evidences of the evolution we can share. I have a friend in Los Angeles, California, USA, who has his pinky toe attached to unsual place in his foot, and the size of it is so small and has no joint. He said becasue he has been wearing shoes all the freakin time, besides when he is in bed (which means approximately 60-70% of his lifetime so far has been with shoes... dang), there has been no need for his tiny pinky toe to grow. Now, his pinky toe has no function, he can't move it. I wanna see his children's toe fingers maybe after 20yrs... to see how the physical evolution progresses.
Also, one of my friend's daughters, who are in their early 20's, they both don't have wisdom teeth, never happened to have them. According to a dentist, normal huamns are expected to have 32 teeth. But some of young generation today only have 28 teeth. Did DNA or Gods or whoever whatever decide no more wisdom teeth? These are examples of the evolution we can see.

Now, talking about "spirit driven body". It actually is uneasy to explain... I've been working on a way to find out how to properly share this subject with who I have connected with... Hmm, some people say it is love, some believe it is energy, some define it is volition, some refuse it exists, some don't even wanna think about it since it doesn't bring them money right away. Whatever is fine, it's your choice.
But I believe it is a some sort of intangible force that drives us, or greatly effects our choices in life. We gotta be aware of it. So many events happen in life, take it seriously as signs and messages in our life. We can find them in our relationships with your family, friends, lovers, enemies and competitors, co-workers, pets, neighbours, mountains, rivers, lakes and ocean... everything and everywhere. In fact, so many humans all over the world are working on and acualizing it..., by religious practices; very mysterious, by scientific methods; oh so practical, by loving and being loved; yeah having quality sex takes you to somewhere higher, by singing and/or dancing; emotional approaches... so many people, so many experiences... that's how the world is turned around, no?

Hmm, check out these two movies I recently watched and made me think alot;
in English, "What the #%! Do We Know?" and "Crash",
en Espanol, "Y Que #%! Tu Sabes?" y "Alto Impacto"


Matthew Broudy said...

Hey Nochi, how's it going? Your working with some really interesting idea's I'm glad to see your blogging again. I just wanted to comment on my interpretation of all the changes that we're seeing recently. I see it as important to differentiate between cultural and physical evoulution. I think they are two different things. Physical evoulution scentists have a pretty good grasp of, but cultural evoulution is still more of a mystery. Also, your idea's might be more clear if you did a little bit of ready about the way evoulution works, and about Lamarkism
( I spent my a lot of time thinking about similar things, it's really awesome that you're so interested in such big things? I'd like to hear a little bit about you in your blog? Anyway, take care, be happy and keep writing!

nochimotoharu said...

matt, ive been thinking about you (not all the time since im a straight guy)... i now really appreciate the time we share in japan. and the conversation we had, exchaging thoughts... so valueble. now i can think of that you were somehow my reflection that i had to take care of as my tasks... thanks matt. youa very thougthful, sensitive, and sharp. cool.
yeah, gracis for your commenta dn recommendation. i will check it out when come back from mountain... today its my day to escape to the mountain.