Monday, November 28, 2005

bling bling religions

To continue talking about the relationship between bling bling culture and religions, I would like to add a couple of voice of my friends.

One of my friends, David Gardiner Garcia, left a comment on my blog the other day. I think it is so true that those bling-blings and those in high positions in their religions are the same. Wearing fancy clothes and showing off what they have earned is probably one of our fundamental humans desires to feel that we are someone. It would be atually interesting to cruise around in a bling bling Lexus or one of fancy German cars with 20inches rim or higher, showing off what I have and see the people's reaction... until I get bored of just showing off... then time to move on: be responsible for what you have. People want that stuff. They and we want to reach where we are someone who effects people. So, in the end, MTV stars and religions' VIPs are the same, but are in different form... just like Cuba and the US... appear to be the different but based on the same principle: ruling the mass.

The other day, I also received an email from other good friend Adrian, who has been deeply into a sustainable development and organic farming. He told me that the one of majoy differences between religions and MTV is that MTV wants you to buy their friends' commercial products whereas religions just want you to have faith. I thank him for giving his opinion. Yes, it is so true that is how the world is turned around: desire. Desire to be better, to feel we make progress for both inside and outside, and to eventually feel confident enough to survive in the world. Our desire has created what we have, confront, and have to live with today.

There are so many things we don't want to acknowledge and take in. But they are also important part of what we call life. we can't deny them. We better live with them. I have been working on acknowledge, overcome, and live with what I think of the shady side of my characteristics.

I often talk about bling-blings because they are achievers and the evidence that humans' volition could be actualized and be effective on people. How many of men could reach where they are? Having sexy ladies shaking their ass and having some respect from men... fame, power, respect, sex, and feel good about yourself... those things are simply what men want. It is matter of if you are ready for it... and can handle lots of sexy ladies at the same time... Can you?

Look at religious art, of Hinduism, of Christianity, of Buddhism, of any religions... eros is expressed in very nice ways. Having naked angels around the saint of Christianity is the same picture as Snoop Dogg having what he calls bitches shaking their ass naked. Very same. Many Westeners talk good about Buddhism. ...I know some people always want something new and different. Maybe so... buddhism has something you want in the world... they parhaps have more patience, if you compare it with the agressive characteristics of monotheism. But again, to me, the same. As long as there is a man-made system maintained by the humans, there will be a contradiction. Dealing and enjoying those irregularities is part of quliaty life, I think.

So, what do we want? I think we want to enter the world of new value while keeping the teachings of our getting-old already published religions. So many youth seem to be ready to take their roles in the exciting upcoming era. Yes, we are consuming what some call stupid stuff. Yet it is also a lesson for many of us to really learn what is important in life. And the thing is that what is important in life varies according to individual's interests and belief. It is like a preparation for an excursion.

Power has been the force to make a decision in the world, throughout the human history. While the main force has been weapons and fire arms, sub-force once was nature, god(s), religions, diplomats and politics, and now is economy. But there has been always a stream that takes over the previous force. MTV can be the next sub-force that can "help" people. Yeah, let them do their business. We do what we got to do.

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