Friday, October 23, 2009

lyrical War Could Be A Clue For Hope: Trigga Finga VS Hibikilla

As many of dancehall fan dem already know whats up with these two Japanese Deejays recently: Trigga Finga aka Oyayubi Head and Hibikilla. So it is basically a lyrical war, or beef as Hiphop community would say, its like just talking shit and shouting out at each other.

This might seem too stupid if you only judge by what you see and hear on a surface. But I think it is a good sign of Japanese sub-culture getting matured.

It is that some youth who have gone through hard days in Jamaica, one of the most outstanding Third World countries in the world, are not scared of standing up for his own feelings and thoughts. And amazingly they word them all, with their own lyrics flowing on riddims! Cooool! Maaaad! Chiiiido! Puuura Viiida! すげー!! you know?

Let me try to put this together... so mi say, we Japanese are said not to be quite direct and straight head for anger, huge anger. Expressing and managing own anger wasn't anything what we were taught through religions and/or education. Over time, we have become being used to be quiet, enduring our own feelings, situations, standing point and etc. As a result, within an international community, it could be that we've been easily targeted to... anything you can think of to take advantage of when it comes to a serious business.

Look at our government, how mush money we've been forced to pay to the US Empire? And how much more of our tax money has been legally stolen for another countries in the name of "international cooperation, or clean up shit after their war"? Do the math.
Although I don't know if this is why exactly, but now we are the 1st or 2nd worst debt country in the world.

Coming back to the lyrical war between Trigga Finga and Hibikilla, I think that this means a mental setting and its strength, or just a style itself of some Japanese youth are getting tough. Cuz we all got our own real feelings inside! And this is a hope for today!

Why I said hope is that I value Genki, or 元気 in kanji, very mucuh. If you don't got your genki, you can't be at your fullest. They got so much genki so they got a big chance to become their fullest. On the other hand, in Japan, I suppose that many social problems are caused by luck of foundamental life force energy: genki.

For example, in Japan, over 30,000 people per year commit a suicide. Everyday, Tokyo JR or metro trains get stopped because of suicide jumpers. This means that we as a nation keeps losing family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers... and a majority of us don't even care. I feel kinda scared of this current situation.

...What if s/he could've said that s/he feels lonely, sad, down, and whatever heavy duty nagative feelings that we humans all experience? What if s/he could've spoken up whatever they got inside? What if s/he met people like Trigga Finga or Hibikilla before they commit a suicide?

Big up Trigga Finga for staring up this!
And word up Hibikkila for getting back to em!
You guys are the shit! You guys are the hope for Japan today!

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